Thursday, January 5, 2017

Lego Story Starter Kit and Lego Batman Movie Minifigures Series

Okay, this IS NOT going to be a post about children's books. However, I wanted to post about another topic that I hold dear to my heart......... Wait for it....... LEGOS!

I recently purchased the Lego Story Starter Kit and Fairy Tale Expansion Kit from Lego Education. Our family is currently obsessed with all things Lego. So I thought I might as well try out their curriculum. I love the Lego Story Starter Kit! There are 1,144 carefully selected pieces to build with. I really like all the accessories that it comes with (various animals, trees, cauldrons, various hats, wands, fairy wings-our favorite). My children bust open the kit everyday so they can play and build with it.

My only gripe is the Fairy Tale Expansion Kit. They give you the head and the body of 4 mermaids, but you DO NOT get the tails. My children were very upset about this, and I don't blame them. How do you give a minifigure a torso, and not give the legs but in this case, the tails. I contacted Lego Education about this, but they never did contact me back. But other than that, my family and I have been enjoying the curriculum.

I really need to take some pictures of some of the creations we have made so I can post them on here. I am thinking about purchasing the More To Math Kit and the WeDo Kit. Maybe later this year since they are on the expensive side.

But ooh, I did get my hands on the new Batman Movie Minifigure Series. I went to the Lego store today and got some of the minifigures. They are AMAZING!

I was able to get Joker, Harley Quinn, Fairy Batman, Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, Lobster Batman, Glam Batman, and Wolverine Batman. I am hoping to get Dick Grayson, Vacation Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and Bunny Girl.


  1. I was thinking of trying some of Lego Education kits. Wish they weren't so expensive. The Batman Movie minifigs look cool!

  2. Hello my name is Coraline and I just came across your blog. Love it. ;) I'm a reading writing mom that just published my first early chapter book. I'd love to send you a copy.

    Thanks a bunch!